The 21st International Conference on Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy (NC-AFM2018), 2018.9.17-21, Porvoo, Finland

Oral presentation

Y. Araki, K. Kobayashi and H. Yamada
Specific effect of Magnesium ions on hydration structure of calcite revealedby 3D frequency shift mapping

H. Kominami, Y. Hirata, K. Kobayashi and H. Yamada
Investigation of two-dimensional crystal of annexin A5 for making a protein nano-array

Poster presentation

A. Fujita, K. Kobayashi and H. Yamada
Molecular-Scale Investigations of Local Hydration Structures of Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers with Different Molecular Structures

T. Yokocho, K. Innami, K. Kobayashi and H. Yamada
Visualization of depletion regions in organic thin-film transistors using scanning capacitance force microscopy (SCFM)

Y. Yamamoto, H. Kominami, K. Kobayashi and H. Yamada
Molecular-scale investigations of proteins bound to three-dimensional DNA origami using FM-AFM in liquid